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My name is fancy. I am four years old. My Grandfather was born in Alaska the 49th state of the America. My father was born in Olong forest near Sichuan Province in China. In 1949 during civil war, our family migrated from China and came to Bangladesh. Now I am alone, growing up as a parentless child, no food, no care. Please help me. Thank you.

Jamal Hossain was born 1955 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has complete his education career from Hong Kong and Wolsey Hall Oxford, UK

Dhaka is the most polluted city. Air pollution in Dhaka city now is much higher than normal level. This information published by Bangladesh Network in America. Citizens of Dhaka city now using clothes mask to protect them from air pollution. It is only matter of time. This is also effect on foreign Investment. "Clean Air Act" should be needed as urgent. Waste water throw away river "Buriganga" without treatment.

Environment the next frontier

Fancy bear environment support programs aims and objects to motivated people.

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